Eser Adı : Initiation of the adventure of X-rays in Turkey
Yazarlar/Editörler : Çağatay Ustun
Yayınlandığı Dergi : European Journal of Radiology
Tarih : 1.09.2010
Cilt No : 75
Sayı No : 3
Konusu : Sayfa 343-345
Özet : Abstract Following the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad ROENTGEN in 1895, the interest in these rays increased in many countries, and studies were initiated for the use of this discovery in the field of medicine. The contributions of Dr. Esad Feyzi, and Dr. Rıfat Osman who later joined him, are significant with respect to introducing the knowledge about ROENTGEN rays to Turkey in a very short time span. In this article, we will briefly mention the initiation period of the adventure of X-rays in Turkey. All medical fields should be aware of their own histories. Only in this way the future of sciences may be shaped through a healthier progress.
Kütüphane No : 2010/1
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